New and Trending Strains

Every pot enthusiast has their favorite strain, or strains. Those favored strains have come to be from trials of smoking new bud. Looking for a new, up and coming strain to add to your repertoire? Look no further – let’s breakdown the latest trends and popular strains hitting the shelves.


Flower Power


Even with trends turning towards edibles and concentrates…flower still has the power. Top dispensaries have reported pre-rolls and flower still topping their sales. While new smokers are leaning towards scent and taste to choose their pot product, regular users are increasingly looking for top shelf products, with high levels of THC and CBD or heightened effects.


Farmer’s Market


Like the old saying ‘the nose knows’, citrus and fruity scented strains are trending for their flavors and effects.


  • Banana Kush – Boosting a 20% THC content, this sweet smelling strain delivers a calming, relaxing high recommended for PTSD. An indica dominant hybrid, Banana Kush gives a body buzz to match its head fueled sativa euphoria. Highly prescribed for sleep disorders and insomnia, this strong strain is known to knock you out.
  • Blueberry – An old strain making a modern comeback…The potent scent is fruity and tart, like opening a bag of blueberries. Its’ high is just as potent, and has been known as a ‘one hit and quit’ Recommended for anxiety, this indica is ideal for night time highs.
  • Mimosa – Clementine x Purple Punch provides a citrusy taste, with a focused and uplifting high. Many recommend Mimosa like the breakfast drink…as a similar wake and bake to kick start your day. Its’ uplifting effects are also known to help depression or stress.
  • Strawberry Banana- A cross of Banana Kush and Bubble Gum, makes the fruity centered and indica dominant hybrid. The berry like pungent and smooth smoke delivers cerebral effects, and onset sedative or ‘couch-like’ highs.


Flavor Menu


Cookie crossed and dessert focused strains, are also trending on marijuana menus.


  • Mint Chocolate Chip – A 50/50 hybrid strain similar to the well known Cookies N Cream or Grease Monkey buds. Sweet, minty and herbal this gassy smoke delivers a happy yet relaxing high.
  • Wedding Crasher – Sweet from its’ Wedding Cake side crossed with Purple Punch for a fruity finish. The smooth and velvety flavors will uplift yet relax your mind. In addition to helping nausea, the happy high also alleviates depression, stress and pain.
  • White Tahoe Cookies – A newcomer, this indica dominant hybrid boosts THC levels around 27%. A cross of Girl Scout Cookies, this flower lends to creativity and euphoric like highs. Medically, White Tahoe Cookies can help headaches, pain and depression.
  • Irish Cream – Real McCoy x Cookies and Cream packs a punch with THC content up to 20%. Unlike the creamer or Baileys, Irish Cream provides fruity, nutty and earthy floral tones. The indica strain sedates for medical relief, and aids inflammation, insomnia, anxiety and depression.


Cure & Unwind


With CBD rising in popularity, so does the number of strains with higher ratios of the beneficial compound.


  • ACDC – Stemming from the strain Cannatonic, ACDC has a 20 to 1 CBD to THC ratio. The hybrid is also 50/50 indica and sativa, providing a balanced high.
  • Remedy – Internet searches increased 660% in 2018 for this CBD dominant strain. Like its’ namesake, the strain is recommended for relief of anxiety, pain and inflammation.
  • CBD Shark – This 1:1 THC to CBD indica dominant hybrid is popular among medical patients looking for relief of pain, anxiety and inflammation. You’re most likely to find this strain in concentrate form.
  • Dancehall – With a 550% boost in search interest on the internet, Dancehall is a trending CBD dominant strain. The 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid will leave you feeling relaxed, happy and focused. The spicy yet sweet buds can also boost creativity.


High Trials


To find your next favorite, you’ve got to start trying new strains! Do your research, or ask one of LIBRA’s qualified budtenders about new products.