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To recreationally purchase cannabis in California, you must be 21 years or older.
Any government issued ID will work. Passports and other legal identification documents will be accepted, too! The ID MUST be a photo ID.
Never. Cannabis is still federally a crime, and trying to bring it out of the country is a serious offense. NEVER DO THIS!
Sativa induces a euphoric feeling, and has often been referred to as a head high. Sativa is great for recreational use, mental activities, and other creative explorations. Sativa is a great way to get the mind focused! Indica is the opposite. This strain creates more of a body high. Indica is great for pain relief, eating disorders, and sleep problems to name a few. A Hybrid flower is a combination of the two Indica and sativa strains. Hybrids are great for those who do not necessarily like too much Sativa, or too much Indica.
Micro-dosing is the innovative way to either medicate, or recreationally enjoy cannabis. Everyone is different physically, and cannabis affects everyone differently. For first time users, taking a heavy dose can end badly. Micro-dosing allows first time users to ease their way into the wonders of cannabis, paving the way for a balanced and enjoyable experience.
It is legal to purchase cannabis in California on January 1st, 2018 after 10a only at licensed dispensaries.
Any licensed dispensary will provide you with cannabis; as long as you are 21-years-old. However, certain counties—Kern County for example—have banned the sale of cannabis.
The using of cannabis can be used anywhere one can smoke a cigarette at, with the exception of driving and using cannabis. The latter will be regarded as a criminal offense. The California State Government is pursuing licenses for businesses, so cannabis can be enjoyed in various establishments; restaurants, bars, boutiques, to name a few.
The short answer to this is no, not all medical dispensaries will carry the necessary licenses to sell recreationally.
Yes, strict laws have been implemented to control and diligently monitor the cultivation of cannabis and the production of cannabis products.

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