Edibles, Drinks, and Trends

As legalization expands, the range of cannabis infused products and services are hitting the markets. No longer just on the black market, or behind the scenes – THC and CBD are front and center on trending stages. With big brand names like Coca Cola joining the weed world, and its’ own emerging tourism niche…read on to find the latest in edibles, drinks and cannabis trends.

Brownies, gummies and candies, oh my!Edibles, Drinks, and Trends

To take a quick look at how edible ingestion has increased… in 2018, chocolate edible sales soared by 166%. But, your typical ‘pot brownie’ and Cannabis baked goods are decreasing in the edibles sale category, while sugar candy type product sales are projected to hit $2.2 billion by 2022.

And like the infamous pot brownie stories… the market is addressing the issue of edible overdosing. A new trend of low dose products are now available. As edibles advance, consumers are able to control their high with 10 mg of THC (or less) cannabis infused items. In fact, 33% off edible consumers prefer these lower dosed treats.

“The average consumer doesn’t want to get high out of their minds — they want to feel uplifted,” said extraction CEO (Valens GroWorks Corp) Everett Knight recently. “We’re realizing from the data that there are going to be more balanced products out there.”

Drink your dose

Edibles, Drinks, and Trends


CBD and THC infused beverages are the hot (or cold) choice for consumers looking to be discrete, or health-conscious. Bud beverages like water and tea, are free of synthetic additives or excessive sugar necessary for many sweet and common edibles. Also, cannabis cocktails are emerging among non-alcohol groups, while still ‘drinking’ for a buzz.

As of 2018, cannabis beverages totaled 5% of US edibles annually, with sales of $30 million. As a result, brands like Molson Coors, Anheuser Busch, and Coca Cola have all made moves into THC or CBD beverages, noting the growing competition.

Modern Mary Jane

With marijuana delivered to your door, and pot based public events… Mary jane has revolutionized into the modern world. Here are a few emerging trends across markets in marijuana –

  • Tourism & Events – From farm field trips, to wellness ..Cannabis tourists are new travelers seeking out weed experiences in legalized areas. After legalization, the state of Colorado alone, entertained 6.5 million cannabis tourists in 2016. This number is projected to grow by 6% each year. “Puff and paint” type events, cannabis tasting (like wine), and luxury ganja ‘glamping’ experiences are perfect examples. As a result, events continue to pop up on the west coast, as users explore and expand their social use.
  • Delivery & Convenience – While convenience is key with many new products, so is the method of getting your product, now too. A California Cannabis software CEO, recently estimated delivery sales as 40%-45% of the state’s medical cannabis market.

A New Daze

Edibles, Drinks, and Trends

The good old days of only rolling up flower have vanished. Furthermore, a surge of new ways to daze has arrived for cannabis consumers. New or long-time user, fresh trends are a fun and functional way to expand your repertoire in consumption. Or, to address symptoms, ailments and concerns in more controlled and modern ways. Finally, keep your mind and eyes open to staying current with pot trends, as the industry continues to advance.