Cannabis for Common Conditions

Cannabis got a bad rap for many years, being termed as a ‘stoner’ drug in the form of marijuana. With rapid legalization and research, many are realizing the health benefits of cannabis for common conditions.

CBD and THC can be used for more than kicking back, relaxing and getting a case of the munchies like stereotypes have shown. Let’s review how cannabis is providing relief for symptoms of just a few common conditions.

CBD for stiff joints

On the Surface

A common condition affecting a large percentage of the population is on the surface. Skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis not only make you feel irritated, but self-conscious as well. With a slew of trending products, it was only a matter of time before cannabis benefits for the skin became mainstream too.

Studies show that that CBD inhibits oil secretion in the skin while addressing inflammation associated with common skin disorders. Which is why you’ve seen CBD beauty products hit the shelves, and an increase in cannabis topical applications like salve, lotions and creams.

In addition to applying specialized creams, you can medicate for skin conditions internally. The antimicrobial, anti-inflammation and anti-itch properties of cannabis work with skin cells to improve outer appearance or feel. This includes CBD and THC infused oil, tinctures, concentrates, capsules or even back to the basics, of smoking flower too.

Sweet Dreams

Insomnia or sleep disorders hit hard, with little relief or cures discovered so far. But with emerging research, cannabis for sleep is slowly changing the game.

All marijuana users know of couch-lock symptoms or knocking out after hitting a good Indica strain. Or, waking up feeling extra rested. But do you know why?

Not only does cannabis ‘induce drowsiness’ but can lead to a higher quality of sleep. In another study, it was concluded that marijuana can reduce the amount of REM sleep, a person receives.

In the REM stage of sleeping, you experience vivid dreams, your eyes can move with those visions, and your body isn’t at full rest. This is why if you smoke before bed, you may have less dreams or not remember them as well.

Stiff Joints

Stiff joints are a source of pain for those suffering from arthritis. But actually, lighting a joint can help there too.

Arthritis is caused by inflamed or irritated joints. The anti-inflammation properties of cannabis target this symptom whether internally (by consuming) or externally (via topical application). In a study conducted in 2016, it was found that applying CBD in the form of a topical, reduces arthritis symptoms immensely.

Those suffering from arthritis often have chronic pain associated with the condition. High CBD and high THC cannabis is recommended to relieve unrelenting discomfort. Luckily, through genetic improvements a number of high CBD and THC strains have emerged. A short list includes popular genetics like ACDC, Harlequin and Blue Widow (a cross of Blueberry & White Widow).

Edibles, which provide longer lasting effects are also recommended for chronic pain and arthritis. Depending on your dosage, a THC infused treat can provide relief for 4-6 hours. Ideal for pains like arthritis that don’t fade.

Tummy Troubles

Digestive issues can be equally uncomfortable, and lack in proper relief. Not only can cannabis address tummy troubles like nausea, but more serious digestive conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, too.

When researching the effects of cannabis on bowel syndrome symptoms, it was concluded that “The plant cannabis is beneficial in various gastrointestinal diseases, stimulating appetite and causing weight gain.” Additionally, proving the stereotype of munchies, is scientifically true.

The gastrointestinal tract has endocannabinoid receptors that cannabis interacts with to provide its’ effects. Digestive receptors activated by THC also show antiemetic (anti-vomit/nausea) responses. This is why many chemotherapy patients and others suffering from side-effects like nausea, are turning to cannabis as well.

Because you’ll want the effects of marijuana to set in quick, concentrates or vape pens are typically recommended for fast relief of digestive issues. Edibles take up to an hour to set in and can be heavy on an already upset stomach.


Marijuana, medically known

With studies increasing into the medical benefits of marijuana, it’s receiving serious credit as stigmas diminish and cannabis for common conditions continues to help. In the meantime, legalization of medical marijuana across the nation will continue to help those in need of treatment or relief.

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