Best Strains for Evening Use and Insomnia

Marijuana has a long history of relaxing its’ users into a ‘couch-lock’ type of rest. What exactly are the best strains for evening use and insomnia. With advancements in strain genes and medical research, this side-effect is now being put to good use for those with sleep issues like insomnia. Or, helping those who have a hard time unwinding in the evening after a long day of work or stress. Read on to find out how marijuana relaxes you at the day’s end, help lull you into a slumber, and what strains are best to achieve these calming effects.


How it Works

As you know, different strains or species of the plant (like Indica or sativa) carry varying components. They all affect your body differently. While some might give you the munchies, or make you giggle, if you’re looking to unwind calmly… there’s terpenes, or plant matter that can help.


The terpenes Myrcene, Terpinolene and Caryophyllene are found in many Indica strains that are better known for relieving stress with tranquilizing or sleep-inducing effects. While Terpinolene can be hard to find, Myrcene is found in many popular ‘purple’ strains and take’s effect quickly. In addition, Myrcene increases the saturation level of CB1 receptors, which in turn increases the bud’s psychoactive effects.


Caryophyllene is a woody or spicy scented bud. Not only does it attack stress, it can reduce pain that keeps you up and uncomfortable at night.


In 2008, a study showed strains with higher levels of THC reduce the amount of REM sleep. Reducing REM sleep, reduces your chances of dreams (& nightmares), therefore allowing more time in a state of ‘deep sleep’. This is the restorative sleep cycle you need, to feel more rested overall.


And don’t forget about CBD.  Recent studies have concluded that CBD works with receptors in your brain known to affect your body’s sleep and wake cycle. CBD also interacts with other receptors linked to anxiety.


Best Strains to use in the Evenings

Now that we know a little more about how Cannabis can help you relax and sleep, let’s take a look at the most popular strains known to help users unwind and sleep.

  • Blueberry – With an abundant amount of the Myrcene terpene, Blueberry is a sweet strain that is potent. Couch-lock is probable with Blueberry, as the effects include physical heaviness, that translates into a relaxing calmness.
  • Granddaddy Purple – A well-known strain, Granddaddy Purple or ‘purps’ effects the body and mind with euphoria and relaxation. Popular medically to aid the symptoms of stress, anxiety and insomnia too.
  • Purple Kush – Purple Kush delivers a long-lasting high that will silence stress, turn down your mind and comfort your body into couch-lock. And speaking of high levels of THC, this strain recently displayed THC compositions of 17 – 27%.
  • Cherry Pie – This potent heavy Indica hybrid balances your mind and body with a fruity taste. With THC levels averaging approximately 20%, the strain will evaporate any stressors and enough will sedate you into sleep.


Best Strains for Insomnia and Sleep

  • Hindu Kush – With earthy tones, Hindu Kush provides effects that relieve symptoms of pain, nausea and stress – in addition to insomnia. Combat your tossing and turning with the strain that turns your body to stone and fog your mind.
  • Northern Lights – Heavy with the terpene Caryophyllene, the sweet and spicy strain relaxes your muscles and makes your mind dreamy. The comfortable sedation helps relieve sleeplessness, and pain too.
  • Afghan Kush – A nearly 100% Indica strain results in heavy laziness and sleepiness. Because of its’ potency (new users, beware), it’s used by insomniacs as a sleep-time marijuana medication.
  • Critical Mass – Critical Mass, or CBD Critical Mass has a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, with high levels of THC averaging between 19-22%. The long-lasting high will provide a body numbing buzz that will turn anyone lethargic, especially those seeking a good night’s rest.

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So, whether you’re smoking, consuming an edible, or using a concentrate, cannabis is sure to help you wind down or fall restfully asleep with the best strains for evening use & insomnia right strain or content. Mix up your weed routines by adding these night time friendly strains into your repertoire.