Best Strains for Daytime Use

While most Marijuana stereotypes make users look sleepy, lazy and flat-out un-energetic… emerging trends in Cannabis genetics and super Sativa strains are providing smokers just the opposite. New strains are flowering the market, packed with a punch and surging users’ creativity with energy, perfect for daytime use. So, before you wake-and-bake to get your day going, let’s review the best strains for daytime use to help boost energy, creativity and that’ll keep you moving.


Sativa Science

Many are moving away from Indica and Sativa classifications, as Hybrids continue to increase. Knowing what’s in your weed, to achieve the affects you want – is more important and easier to find, then ever before. The science behind the Sativa definition in Cannabis plants is what we’ll take a look at here.


By definition, the only difference in Sativa vs Indica is their plant shape and size – Sativa, are tall and narrow, while Indica are stout and broad. Overall, you know Sativa strains to provide more uplifting, and lively effects vs its’ counterpart Indica and it’s not due to the size of their leaves. So, why is it? The answer is in the specific cannabinoids. Terpenes found in each plant’s genetics, giving Indica or Sativa strains (and hybrids too), their certain effects.


Cannabis contains more than 100 different cannabinoids, the most well-known being THC and CBD. The ratio of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids will ultimately decide the outcome of the plant you’re smoking. Terpenes count too. Terpenes are the aromatic scent centers of each bud, and also provide the effects of sedation, alertness, or euphoria we all find while smoking.


Which common terps contribute most to Sativa like effects?

      • Pinene – found in weed smelling woody and earthy. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and mood stimulator.
      • Limonene – found in bud that is citrus scented. It’s a mood elevator, can diminish anxiety and stress, and heightens your senses.

Now that we know why and how marijuana can provide uplifting, or energetic effects, let’s take a look at specific genetics that can help.


Strains for Energy

Best Strains for Energy

      • Durban Poison – A pure sativa, Durban Poison has a sweet, earthy & piney scent that provides productivity, energetic, and uplifting effects. A THC dominant strain, Durban Poison is high in limonene and pinene terps as well.
      • Chocolope – A sativa dominant hybrid, Chocolope is a smooth, earthy & coffee scented smoke with virtually no ‘couch-locking’ effects. Chocolope provides a sense of focus. It is medically recommended for Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) to help motivate and energize.
      • Super Lemon Haze – High in limonene, Super Lemon Haze is another Sativa dominant hybrid with THC content reaching almost 25%. Sweet and tart, Super Lemon Haze provides lively effects, diminishing fatigue, stress & anxiety.
      • Sour Diesel – With a gassy like aroma (think diesel), Sour Diesel is a popular and potent strain with THC levels normally between 20-25%, Great for a head high, Sour Diesel provides cerebral, uplifting effects that aids in elevating moods and energies.

Strains for Creativity

Best Strains for Creativity


      • Jack Herer – A sativa dominant hybrid, and popular strain delivers a fast headrush, with an increased alertness and sense for creativity. Citrusy, yet herbal and peppery too, Jack Herer has a relaxing effect to keep your mind flexible.
      • Chemdawg – A potent hybrid with a euphoric high, Chemdawg awakens senses and new ways of thought. Earthy, piney and gas like (think ‘chem’), the strain causes a hyper awareness for smokers that creates a mental focus perfect for creativity.
      • AK-47 – Sweet, floral and earthy, AK-47 is a sativa dominant hybrid. It provides a relaxing, cerebral high keeping user mentally alert and engaged. Known for increasing creativity (making it popular among musicians), in addition to relieving stress and anxiety.
      • Kali Mist – Known for delivering clear-headed, energetic effects that can revive your imagination with creativity (psychedelic-like), Kali Mist is believed to be crossed by 2 sativa dominant hybrids. Good for writing, meditation or yoga, the strain is citrusy, woody and earthy scented. 

Overall Best Strains for Daytime Use

Best Daytime Strains


      • Green ‘Crack’ – Named, green ‘crack’ for intense, energetic feelings. With a tangy, fruity flavor, Green ‘Crack’ delivers an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you stimulated for the day. Overall the strain helps fight fatigue, stress and depression.
      • Pineapple Express – Great for waking and baking. Pineapple Express induces an appetite and delivers energy. High in THC and fruity aromas. The strain’s smooth and sweet smoke will lend to conversation, creativity and a happy head high.
      • Amnesia Haze – Despite its name, Amnesia Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that increases productivity (without erasing your memory). Earthy and citrusy, Amnesia Haze inspires, uplifts and ranges in THC levels of 20-25%.
      • Maui Waui (AKA Wowie) – Delivering an instant boost of creativity, or energy for tasks. Maui Waui is a mostly Sativa hybrid. With a sweet pineapple flavor, the strain induces a happy high that comes along with the munchies for your day.


Highly Motivated

Defy the stereotypes. Fuel your day with the best strains for daytime use, feel motivated, productive, creative, and energetic for whatever life may bring you.


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