All About Edibles

With the increasing versatility of Cannabis has come an introduction of edibles that aren’t just ‘special’ brownies, any longer. Recently we’ve seen alcohol and cigarette industries try to capture a Cannabis audience…while, the ‘foodies’ already have.

The plant lends to pot infused wax, batter, and oil you can smoke…but what’s the difference when you ingest as an edible? Let’s explore the world of edibles and the best ways to explore them yourself.

Weed & feed

The first step in any edible is extraction. Through decarboxylation, trim or bud is slowly heated to extract the essential compounds that provide your edible high. So, whatever strain is used in this process, will provide the effects of the product upon eating. Once decarbed, the leaf material is again slowly heated in the type of oil that’ll be used to bake or cook with. The most common oil bases are olive oil, butter, or coconut oil (honey, vegetable glycerin or high grade alcohol like everclear are other examples).

Here’s where the edible possibilities become exceedingly endless. Any recipe that calls for your base oil/liquid – you can swap your infused Canna-oil or liquid for. The most popular edible products on shelves for purchase include –

● Gummies or Candy (lollipops, chocolate bars, etc.)
● Baked Goods (brownies, cereal treats, cookies, etc.)
● Liquids (teas, oils/tinctures, drinks, etc.)

Why choose an edible?

Like lighting a joint or vaping THC infused oil…consuming Cannabis through edibles can provide different effects and benefits (and sometimes negatives). The most obvious benefit of choosing edibles versus other forms of ingestion is – taste and usability. While a dab rig may intimidate some smokers, seemingly anyone can bite into a treat and enjoy.

Being ‘smoke free’ is also more discrete, and just as an apparent asset of the treats. Health conscious or new users, may turn to cannabis infused edibles to avoid the smell, smoke or process some marijuana methods require.

When discussing health, the raw cannabis used to create the edibles, is also chock full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So each indulgent and infused treat can be seen less as a guilty pleasure…and more of giving your body what it needs (with a bonus high!).

Lastly, the effects of edibles are long-lasting. While inhaling may cause a high to last 2-3 hours, edible effects can last up to 6-8 hours making your pot that much more potent. The high dose at one time can be ideal for patients who are supporting symptoms throughout the day, like anxiety, mood, or chronic pain.

Dosing & Tips

You’ve may have heard horror stories about edibles, but, when dosing carefully and informatively – edibles can provide conversely positive effects.

The most helpful tip when testing treats is begin low and slow. The ‘standard’ edible dose is 10 mg, but products can range from 5 – 100 mg. Similar to any new substance you’re introducing to your system, start with a small amount and increase as your comfortability allows. Choose products with lesser individual doses (gummies, capsules, or other), or split any larger treats into the size that works for you.

Along with the long-lasting effects, comes a delayed onset as well. Be patient! Edible effects normally kick in between 30 minutes to over an hour after you’ve eaten. Wait at least this amount of time before consuming another or more. Keep in mind, like drinking, what you eat beforehand can also impact the edible’s influence. Your high could take off sooner on an empty stomach, or be heightened by the presence of alcohol.

You are what you eat

Like the saying, you are what you eat – choose wisely and you can fine-tune your edible experience to feel how you want to feel. If you like the smell or flavor of the flower you smoke…try expanding your tastes to the talked about treats and enjoy the same effects. In a life where you’ve been told to not play with your food, the world of edibles pushes that cliche. Indulge, ingest and enjoy!